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About Us

About Dr. Federico Martinez, Rosarito's Ophthalmologist by trade. 

Dr. Martinez is an expert in the field of alternative treatments

Dr. Martinez started working with Dr. William Hitt and NAD Therapy at his Tijuana Clinic.

We have modified and perfected Dr. William Hitt's Neurotransmission Restoration (NTR) by supplementing our NAD Therapy with our own Protocol of Ingredients.

Modern western medicine is slowly turning its head towards the amazing therapeutic value of nutrition in almost all kind of health conditions, where unlike pharmaceutical drugs, it offers extraordinary healing properties without deleterious side effects.


This concept has been in my head since my early years as a medical student. 

Then once I became an MD I had the opportunity to corroborate in my private practice the wide-ranging value and harmless benefits of proper nutrition in the constant fight against disease.


In my constant search for knowledge, I have done medical studies in the Autonomous Universities of México (UNAM) and Baja California (UABC), UCSF, and the Hospital Pitié Salpetriere in Paris. 


My fundamental goal and motivation as a physician has always been to adhere myself to the fundamentals of the Hippocratic Oath which proclaims unequivocally "Primum non nocere" (First do no harm).


Orthomolecular medicine since its inception by Linus Pauling in the early 70s of the 20th century, provides us with powerful yet gentle and non-toxic means to fight disease. by employing the necessary quantity of nutritional supplements whether orally or IV)


Located just 20 minutes south of the border in the small, quiet town of Rosarito. You will find both peace and tranquility so you can start healing in a serene atmosphere while gently lulled by the lapping ocean waves.

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