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Ozone therapy IV

The benefits of Ozone Therapy

Healthy cells need oxygen. Most infections occur because of the invasion of anaerobes that do not thrive in an oxygen-rich environment.


Deprivation of oxygen to the body, for example through polluted air, sedentary lifestyle or junk food diet which requires a lot of oxygenation for elimination, encourages anaerobic microbes to proliferate. Overgrowth of harmful microbes will lead to the breakdown of enzymatic reactions, the overload of metabolic wastes and ultimately cell death.


Under similar anaerobic conditions, cells tend to mutate to more primitive life forms, turning from aerobic to anaerobic respiration for energy synthesis.


Ozone is one of nature's most powerful oxidants. It is used in water purification and sewage treatment and is now being applied medically in Europe to treat everything from wounds and colitis to cancer, stroke, and AIDS. Yes, the same ozone in the atmospheric layer that is responsible for shielding off ultraviolet light from the sun and oxidizing the pollutants in the air can be produced from medical oxygen via electrical discharge. It is administered as an ozone/oxygen gas mixture. According to the dosage and concentration range, medical ozone is a pharmaceutical agent that exerts specific properties and a well-defined range of efficacy.  


What are the properties of Medical Ozone:   


At the higher range of concentration (3.5% to 5% ozone in one/oxygen mixture) ozone exhibits a strong germicidal effect by oxidative destruction. The oxidative power of ozone has proven to be effective in destroying lipid-enveloped viruses such as Epstein Barr, herpes, cytomegalovirus and viruses that cause hepatitis. One recent study indicates that ozone treatment was 97 to 100 % effective in destroying HIV in vitro.


At concentrations below approximately 3/2 %, the three main restitution properties of ozone can be observed by its oxidative influence on oxygen metabolism, the induction of specific enzymes and the activation of immunocompetent cells. It is these systemic influences of ozone that cause it to be such a potent therapeutic tool because most of the disease affecting humans today can be traced to diminishing levels of oxygen and a compromised immune system.


So Ozone improves Oxygen Metabolism?


Ozone improves the delivery of oxygen to hypoxic tissues, as well as reactivating the oxygen metabolism of cells. The mechanisms of these systemic actions involve both direct and indirect processes.  

Ozone directly changes the electric charges of the erythrocyte membranes increasing the flexibility and plasticity of the erythrocytes, thus enhancing the flow properties of the blood and the transport of oxygen to the cells and tissues.  


Ozone Induces Specific Enzymes.  


The formation of short-lived peroxides at the membrane are injected into the cell and are removed by the enzyme glutathione peroxidase. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement with vitamin E, N-acetylcysteine and selenium during ozone therapy to support the glutathione detoxification system.


This is significant in the management of stroke and burns. The elevation of adenosine triphosphate synthesis will decrease perifocal edema formed in the injured site minimizing tissue necrosis and subsequent scarring. But this is effective only when ozone is administered within the first 24 to 48 hours.


Also, Ozone Activates Immune System:  


It is well documented that ozone can activate monocyte and lymphocytes and induce the production of an array of cytokines such as interleukin, IFNs, tumor-necrosis factor. Its ability to elicit endogenous production of cytokines and its lack of toxicity make ozone an indispensable therapeutic modality since today's most devastating diseases are characterized by immune depression such as chronic viral diseases, cancer, and AIDS. Of course, restoration of the immune system depends on a total approach to detoxification, lifestyle modification, and supportive therapies.  



 1. Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells, which are necessary to fight infection.


2. Ozone is bactericidal and virucidal.


 3. Ozone increases oxygen and hemoglobin disassociation, thus increasing the delivery of oxygen from the blood to the cells.


 4. Ozone is antineoplastic, which means that inhibits the growth of new tissues like tumors.


 5. Ozone oxidizes and degrades petrochemicals.


 6. Ozone increases red blood cell membrane distensibility, thus enhancing their flexibility and effectiveness.


 7. Ozone increases the production of INF´s and Tumor Necrosis Factor, which the body uses to fight infections and cancers.


 8. Ozone increases the efficiency of the antioxidant enzyme system, which scavenges excess free radicals in the body.


 9. Ozone accelerates the Citric Acid Cycle, which is the main cycle for the liberation of energy from sugars. This then stimulates basic metabolism. It also breaks down proteins,   carbohydrates and fats to be used as energy.


10. Ozone therapy increases tissue oxygenation, thus bringing about patient improvement

11. Ozone was highly effective in killing Candida albicans in lab results.


Worried about the ever more common and recent SARS and Coronavirus outbreaks in Asia?

Ozone therapy has been proven as the most effective virucide agent in the most distinguished laboratories around the world. 

Ozone is life

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