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Discover + About our IV Therapies

Here at the Baja Body Mind Center... ​ With over 15 years of experience, we have developed and improved current IV therapies bringing the best of ingredients to our IV protocols to promote maximum and lasting wellbeing in our patients. ​ Discover more about our different IV's and boosters below and start restoring your health potential! 


What our Patients say


Danna Dallabetta

Following the technical information about a procedure called NAD. All I know is I did it and I have lost 10 pounds and have never felt younger. Dr. Federico Martinez does the procedure here in Rosarito.

People feel more relaxed, less depressed, revitalized. In synthesis NAD therapy benefits all our our cells, all our organs and biological systems.


Mario Maisonave

Besides being very knowledgeable, Dr. Martinez is personable and thorough. The center is in such a beautiful location you start feeling better the moment you arrive. I highly recommend it


Esme Enniss

I received 6 days of NAD treatments. After the first treatment I definitely noticed the benefit of having more energy which carried on through all 6 treatments and still currently feel. I feel amazing and as time goes on I am looking forward to noticing and feeling more benefits. Dr Frederico Martinez and his son, Ivan Martinez, are first class and made the whole experience pleasurable and delightful. I definitely recommend the Baja Body-Mind Center.


Edelin Logreyra

It is so important to find someone you can entrust with the care of your health and I have been fortunate to find this with the advice and care of Dr. Federico Martínez, who directs the Baja Body-Mind Center!


Joan Collins Harwood

Leading edge treatment in a beautiful setting, for overall wellness.

Taking care of your health

Please, visit our frequently asked questions section below for more info.

Low Cost IV therapies compared to the US...
Ophtalmologist Consultation also available!

Dr. Martinez has been providing his services as an Ophthalmologist in Rosarito for over 30 years.

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