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The reaches of NAD Therapy, the most powerful coenzime.

NAD is a cellular coenzyme derived from nicotinic acid (Niacin) . Its main function is the production of energy in all cells.

One of the most important aspects of NAD therapy, is the vast amount of ailments which can be used to heal - Cancer , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome , AIDS , Parkinson's disease , Alzheimer's, depression , drug and alcohol addiction . This is because all these diseases have a common denominator, a shortage of cellular energy.

In this sense NAD is a kind of intracellular energetic currency , all cells need it to live.

With NAD therapy, production of cellular metabolic energy is restored at the level of mitochondria - the tiny organelles responsible for intracellular energy creation. This determines that patients feel more vigor both physically and mentally.

When cells have a low level of NAD their anatomical and functional structure changes or simply dies.

It is considered that the decrease in cellular NAD is directly related to the process of carcinogenesis by promoting oncoprotein expression. In the case of the other conditions above mentioned, is the reduction of energy, the central element.

How is it applied?

The results of this therapy have been great , the therapeutic process is done initially with intravenous administration of NAD , a fairly simple procedure with no adverse effects , except at times and depending on the speed of the administration, mild abdominal muscle cramps can appear, which disappear immediately when the administration is slowed down. After obtaining a clinical improvement in the patient , the patient will be prescribed nutritional supplements to maintain high intracellular levels of NAD.

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