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How does NAD therapy work and how did it help me

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

OK,,,Following is the technical information about a procedure called NAD. All I know is I did it and I have lost 10 pounds and have never felt younger. Dr. Federico Martinez does the procedure here in Rosarito.

NAD is currently used mainly to treat substance addiction because the capacity it has to minimize withdrawal symptoms, by increasing immediately intracellular energy production, and amplify the neuronal synthesis of neurotransmitters.

Because NAD is a fundamental molecule for the creation of energy inside the cells, when NAD levels are restored to physiological adequate levels, the cellular outpout of hundreds diverse subtances is enormously improved, DNA repair is enhanced and our organism starts to function in homeostasis in a sort of rejuvenated state.

People feel more relaxed, less depressed, revitalized. In synthesis NAD therapy benefits all our our cells, all our organs and biological systems.

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