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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

What are the causes of Anxiety in this day and age?

Sustained anxiety is an emotional condition that with time can become a disabling affliction. It is true that the predominant cause behind it is the dysfunctional way of life of modern society, where we spend our lives since birth under an implacable constant bombardment of artificial stimulus. In addition in our swift, concentric present day society, we become more and more detached from the natural healing calmness of nature.

Fortunately there are ways to fight this pervasive phenomena in our lives and the tools are within the reach of our hands and not difficult to use, we just need determination and discipline.

Foremost it is important to dedicate time to be in contact with nature walking in meditation, observing and listening to its relaxing sounds, visual beauty, and peaceful rhythm. Within days of this anti-anxiety routine it is possible to notice the evident change in spirits, you will feel less untroubled and stronger, more optimist and balanced in your daily life.

But there is also an extremely important aspect in the battle against anxiety, the biochemical aspect in its development. In our contemporary society there is a perniciously prevalent deficient diet in most people; this is the direct consequence of our life always in a hurry, where we put little attention to the quality of our nutrition, and most of the time consume highly processed un-nourishing toxic foods. This faulty diet, that lacks the necessary nutrients in quantity and quality is behind the biochemical unbalance that contributes to the development of anxiety among other many other physical and mental ailments. Therefore the is an imperative condition that we through a healthy diet - organic, predominantly vegetarian - and the complementary use of nutritional supplements that we can much improve the symptoms of anxiety.

This are some of the nutrients that can help fight anxiety:

1.- 5-HTP for low Serotonin

2.- Magnesium

3.- Vitamin C

4.- GABA for low Serotonin

5.- Adaptogens like Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Maca, Astragalus and Rhodiola.

6.- Tyrosine for low Dopamine

7.- D-Phenylalanine for low Dopamine

8.- Coenzymated B Complex.

9.- Niacinamide.

10. NAD Nicotinamide Adeninde Dinucleotide. which is the active form of Niacin.

Dr. Martinez is head Doctor at the Baja Body MInd center in Rosarito, Baja. He has been practicing Alternative Medicine therapies in Mexico for 15 years.

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