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Why are people feeling disoriented, apathetic, anxious and overwhelmingly stressed in current times?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Anxiety, stress, low energy levels, low concentration symptoms are very common in this time and age, and are directly the result of of poor nutrition, constant stress and a toxic environment.

The way to approach this kind of health issues is to work at the cellular level by providing the cells the fundamental nutrients nutrients for the creation of energy, and to reduce the amount of toxic substances from the body (heavy metals).

This can be done very efficiently with an IV formula that I have developed, the comprises EDTA (a chelating agent) to eliminate toxic metals from the body, and vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, pyridoxine (B6), pyrophosphate of thiamine (B1) and magnesium chloride that are indispensable for the cells to produce energy.

The therapy must be complemented by the patient by having a healthy predominant organic vegetarian diet, and taking a protocol of specific nutritional supplements that I prescribe to each patient.

Because the benefits of this therapy are cumulative, I recommend to do minimum 10 IV treatments to obtain the most benefits, and then continue with the diet and nutritional supplements.

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