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What exactly is NED?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Are you feeling tired, lacking ideas or simply unable to perform at your peak?

Recent medical research has established that approximately 10 to 15 % percent of the population suffers from a cellular condition called NED (NAD Energy Deficiency).

NED expresses itself predominantly as chronic fatigue, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, difficulty dealing with stress, and various chronic illnesses (Alzheimer, Parkinson's). This occurs as a consequence of vey low metabolic cellular energy production because of a lack of enough NAD molecules inside the cells. Therefore the cellular mitochondria are unable to transform the organic energy contained in food into chemical energy to be used by cells, tissues and organs.

Out of this energy production deficiency will emerge eventually a health disruption. In our time the most prevalent are depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. NAD intravenous supplementation has proven to be an extraordinary and harmless therapeutic tool to solve biochemically this diseases.

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