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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Our bodies need to maintain a constant internal balance to prevent disease. And in order to achieve that it needs a constant flux of cellular energy to keep systemic homeostasis. In order to do that all our cells depend on NAD to produce the vital energy needed to confront to continuous internal and external negative stimulus that induce a defective cellular performance.

When a state of NED (NAD Energy Deficiency) be

comes chronic it causes a progressive cellular dysfunction

that will manifest itself as weak biochemical reactions, deficient cell production of energy and cellular communication, weakened immune system and genetic vulnerability manifested as infections, cancer, fatigue, depression, anxiety, substance addiction, degenerative diseases.

Fortunately now we can treat all this health conditions by increasing cellular NAD levels with intravenous and oral supplementation. Once NAD levels start to increase in every cell of our bodies, energy production begins to improve gradually and cellular function becomes more efficient. This will translate fast into a more healthy, energetic and youthful mental and physical state.

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