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How can we naturally deal with stress?

We live in a world where our body and our mind are under a daily constant assault by stressful life conditions, environmental toxins, noise, fear, solitude. All of this factors stress our human physiology and with the proper amount of time eventually we can start feeling gradually or abruptly unwell.

So, how does our body cope with this?

Our body is designed to operate optimally rather under a relaxed and predictable conditions; the presence in modern life of a constant myriad of negative toxic mental and physical stimulus affect adversely all our physiological processes creating the proper conditions for the development of sickness. Fortunately our bodies possess biological anti-stress mechanisms that are able to help the body to cope with stressful transient situations, but if the toxic stimulus persists then our bodies ability to withstand the harmful conditions will become fatigued and eventually be unable to fight back.

One most important biological mechanisms is the one carried thru the adrenal glands. When we under a stressful situation the adrenals start producing anti-stress substances like cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline which help the body cope with the predicament. Regrettably persistent high blood levels of this substances can have a deleterious health impact Anxiety, Depression, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer - Happily we can provide our bodies with the proper nutrients to help them deal better with with our constantly agitated modern life conditions.

What we can do to start feeling better

We can do that with the proper personal diet and nutritional supplements like vitamins C,A,D3, B Complex, E. Coenzymes like NAD, Cocarboxylase, Ubiquinol. Minerals Like Magnesium, Selenium, and other nutrients like amino acids, Herbs. If we eat healthy, take nutritional supplements and and practice aerobic exercise we can reduce considerable the destructive effect in our health of our urban life extreme stress condition

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